Keeping our staff, clients + community
safe is our number 1 priority so we are
taking extra precautions to maintain a
safe and clean studio.

Before your appointment
Rest assured that the studio will be fully sanitized in between visits and each client has followed the standards outlined in the ‘checking in + after your appointment’ sections below.

Our cleaning procedures are the following:

All surfaces, tables, weights, mats and door handles will be thoroughly sanitized in-between appointments.

Hand sanitizing will frequently occur during the session.

A maximum occupancy of 2 people is strictly enforced.

Each person will be required to wear face protection.

The therapist will be wearing gloves at all times.

We have removed all pillows + comfort items from our studio.
Checking into your appointment
Arrival Time

Please arrive for your session as close to the start time as possible to minimize crowding in the area. If you arrive earlier and an appointment is still in session, kindly wait in an open space or in your vehicle.

Health Check

Upon arrival you will be asked a few brief questions to verbally confirm the status of your health and COVID-19.

Sanitation + Face Protection

Before entering the studio, you will be asked to sanitize and put on your face protection. Staff and clients are required to wear protection at all times. If you don’t have a mask, you can purchase one at the studio for $3.


For the short term, we will not be supplying beverages, personal hygiene products and athletic clothing. Please dress appropriately for your session and bring a pair of shorts.

Communal Washrooms

Please note that our studio shares a washroom with the neighbouring business. You will have access to it if you wish but please note we are not in control of it's cleanliness.
After your appointment
Sanitize + Payment

All sessions will end a few minutes early to allow time for thorough sanitation before the next client. We are not accepting cash payments and all forms of payment will be contactless.